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We recommend a wired Internet connection with at least 3 Mbps available download bandwidth. However, the faster the better!

How do I find out how fast my line is?

You can measure the current speed of your bandwidth by visiting http://www.speedtest.net/. The higher the values ​​for download and upload, the better. The “Ping” value indicates the potential of your Internet connection, here however, lower values ​​are better. 100 milliseconds or less should be adequate enough for live events via AdobeConnect to work well. You should measure the speed test throughout the day to obtain meaningful values.

Too slow, what now?

Having considered the bandwidth provide by your internet provider, there are many other reasons why the available bandwidth may be low. It could be due to “Interferences” in your network i.e. a roommate running a big download or it could also be due to a bad connection between your internet router and your computer. To make minimize potential problems in your network you can connect your computer directly to the router using a network cable. Problems may also arise from the computer itself, for example, many browser add-ons and toolbars or a misconfigured virus scanner can adversely affect the speed of your connection. Remember your computer is a tool for your studies and that you work better with a well-groomed tool.

Internet via mobile network

4G/LTE connections often provide relatively fast internet connection, however, we discourage the use of using a mobile connection for studying. Use a wired internet connection such as DSL, (TV) cable or fibre optic. However be aware that wireless connections can come with highly changing latencies (ping or jitter) which can have an adverse effect on the quality of live events (AdobeConnect). Also to consider is the fact that mobile connections (so-called clocked connections) are often limited in download volume whereas landline internet connections usually have a flat-rate included so that you do not have to worry about whether you watch a Vodcast again or not.

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It is necessary to installed and activate Adobe Flash Player on your system before you can proceed in the course. You can get it here: Download

You do not need to install the offered additional software like McAfee Security Scan or True Key etc.

Please disable your browsers pop-up blocker as it might block some windows in collaborative learning. To find out how, go here: Tutorial

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